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Eve Taylor Facials
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Eve Taylor Facials

Our Skin Specialists use Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Skin Care to customise your facial to your unique skin requirements.
Designing your own facial couldn’t be easier, follow the steps below to build your ideal facial:

The Pamper Me Eve Taylor Facial is designed around you and your skin, and every product we use is specifically for your skin type.
We begin every facial with a consultation to ensure you get the best results from your facial.

What makes our Facial the BEST?

SIMPLY...........we tailor your whole experience and design every treatment to give your skin the best results!

We use Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Skin Care in all of our tailored Facials, and are amazed by the results our clients have. 

eve taylor facial
Pamper Me Beauty Salon Stockport 
Step 1 - Choose your facial!
Each facial begins with an in-depth consultation to ensure you get the ultimate results for your skin.

Express Facial, 30 mins
Designed to be highly effective for those who are short on time, but need quick results.
VIP member £30 / non member £33
Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Skin Care Facials in Stockport
Pamper Me Facial, 60 mins 
Our best selling facial, ensures total relaxation combined with target orientated results.
VIP member £45 / non member £49.50

Advanced Deluxe Facial, 90 mins
Indulge in our most premium facial, which is guaranteed to make you feel incredibly pampered and leaves your skin looking and feeling AMAZING.
VIP member £65/ non member £71.50

Step 2Choose your optional extra treats!
Eye Contour Treatment                                                              VIP member £7.20 / non member £8
This treatment leaves skin around the eyes feeling smoother, firmer and more hydrated. Lines are softened as the marine collagen plumps the outer skin. Skin is more luminous as rice bran assists to brighten dark circles.
Lip Contour Treatment                                                                VIP member £7.20 / non member £8
A deeply hydrating treatment to firm, plump and smooth the lips. Helps guard against cracked, chapped lips and improving skin flexibility. Fine lines around the mouth are also softened as this masque smoothes and plumps. 

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, 20 mins                                  VIP member £20 / non member £22
Extend your treatment by adding on one of our amazing massages! 

Indian Head Massage, 20 mins                                                    VIP member £20 / non member £22
Be prepared for all of your tension and stress to melt away...
Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Skin Care Facials in Stockport

Courses – All facials have a progressive effect and work even more effectively taken as a course. Buy a course of five facials and get your sixth FREE!