Did you know that darker patches on your skin is called Pigmentation?
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Did you know that darker patches on your skin is called Pigmentation?

Since writing my last blog on Milia, I have been inundated at Pamper Me with requests and questions on other types of skin concerns. I promise that I will eventually get round to answering everyone's questions, and please do keep the requests coming as it's great inspiration for writing my blog posts!

One of the main skin concerns that has been highlighted this week is Pigmentation! So here is my FREE professional advise on how to avoid and treat Pigmentation:

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What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation, also know as Hyper Pigmentation, is actually a sign of sun damage.
Your skin is made up of several different types of cells, and the one responsible for unsightly Pigmentation is the Melanocyte.
Melanocytes produce Melanin which creates the colour of your hair and skin.
When your skin is exposed to sunlight your skin produces more Melanin to protect your skin from burning, hence why we get a TAN when sunbathing!
Over time Melanin can become trapped in the skin cells creating darker areas of the skin, which we call Pigmentation.
Pigmentation can happen anywhere on your body, especially on the top of shoulders, hands, cheeks and nose 9the areas which catch the sun most!

You can also become more prone to Pigmentation due to hormones and medication i.e Pregnant ladies can get Pigmentation called Cholasma, and as long as you avoid the sun this should go away after baby arrives and the hormones settle down.

How to avoid Pigmentation?

a. Avoid the sun - it's pretty simple, to avoid getting Pigmentation stay out of the sun or wear a high. Wearing a hat in sunny weather will give you extra protection.
b. Wear an SPF every day - I would advise you use an SPF designed for the face to avoid an unsightly reaction and to give you protection against sun damage. I recommend Eve Taylor Moisturising Solar Shield SPF 25, 50 ml, £11.59. It's a great nourishing lotion that can be worn all year round, and provides protection against UVA and UVB rays.

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What treatments can even out Pigmentation?

1.Eve Taylor Ultra Bright Facial, 60 mins, £45.00- this super Pigmentation busting treatment targets areas of Pigmentation to even out the skin tone. Illuminating and re-energising to leave flawlessly radiant, bright and glowing skin!

2. Glycolic Acid Peel, 60 mins, £65.00- This AMAZING treatment resurfaces the skin whilst increasing the skins moisture levels. Is a FANTASTIC treatment to reduce pigmentation as well as REJUVINATING the skin for a more youthful glowing appearance.

Eve Taylor Beauty ProductsStar Beauty Product

My favourite Beauty Product for tackling Pigmentation has to be Eve Taylor's illuminating C+Bright Moisturiser. It truly is one the brands true Hero's and also a top seller. 

 It is recommend for anyone requiring a moisturiser with a built in medium protection sunscreen (SPF15). Formulated with tyrosinase inhibitors to brighten the skin and Lumisphere Technology to give a radiant glow this product forms an ideal make-up base / primer as well as leaving the skin glowing. Available at Pamper Me, Stockport

I hope you enjoyed my latest blog, and if you have any further question relating to Pigmentation please drop me an email info@pamper-me.co.uk or call 0161 4803086.

Love Jodie xxx

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