What is a Hot Stone Massage
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What is a Hot Stone Massage

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

Our Hot Stone Massage is a deep massage that uses the therapeutic benefit of water-warmed Basalt stones to add to your already relaxing treatment. The hot stones are applied to key points on the body – down your back, in your hands and on your feet and down your legs. This helps to ground away tension and improve your blood circulation.
The therapist works individually on each part of your body, similar to the rhythm of a full-body massage, however the stones are used by the therapist to directly massage your muscles.
Hot Stone Massage
Stockport Beauty Salon
What are the benefits?
The Hot Stone Massage has many physical and mental benefits. Compared to a regular massage, the use of the hot stones encourages the muscles to be more relaxed, which allows the therapist to work deeply in the layers of the muscle – giving you a more thorough massage and helping you with pain relief. This is particularly beneficial if you are looking for a deep tissue massage that can also be relaxing. In addition, if you’re feeling particularly tired, it’s possible there is a build-up of fluid and lactic acid in your muscles – the heat of the stones will expand the blood vessels and improve your circulation – making you feel more energised!
The mental benefits of hot stones are mainly about helping to ease mental stress and tension. Because it is such a relaxing treatment, during and after you naturally feel less stressed and anxious. In addition, due to the lymphatic drainage that is encouraged by the hot stone massage, toxins are being removed from your body – making you feel cleaner, healthier and more invigorated!
Hot Stone Massage
Stockport Beauty Salon
Who should avoid hot stone massage?
Not suitable for; pregnant women, individuals undergoing cancer treatments, individuals with skin conditions that are aggravates by heat/moisture. If you have a lack of sensitivity in a certain area please consult your therapist before treatment.

 To book in for your Hot Stone massage call 0161 480 3086 or book online at www.pamper –me.co.uk


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