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Making the most of your intimate wax!

Jodie, the founder of Pamper Me has over 15 years’ experience of waxing practically every part of the body, but she is mostly known for her knowledge and expertise in waxing the intimate area i.e. Brazilian waxing. She shares with us that one of the most important parts of a Brazilian Wax is actually after you’ve left the salon. Taking care of the area makes for the most comfortable and even regrowth, meaning you can leave more time between appointments. Jodie can help you prolong the results of your intimate wax with her top tips: Banish ingrown hair-With any intimate wax, the area should be regularly exfoliated. This is in order to prevent ingrown hairs. Light exfoliation removes the top l

Jodie recommends: perfect wax-aftercare!

Waxing is an investment that your body will thank you for- in the form of thinner, softer hair wherever you decide to go bare. While one great benefit to waxing is the low maintenance after care- using these products can really take your wax further- making regrowth minimal, comfortable and stress free! Bump Eraiser Concentrated Serum – Reduces ingrown hairs and infections “My clients re-buy this fantastic serum over and over again! It's brilliant if you need to tackle and eliminate ingrown hairs or razor bumps. It can be used on any part of the body and is especially effective on intimate waxing areas.” RuffStuff Body Scrub– Keeps the area soft and pristine “By far the best exfoliator for w

Everything you need to know before your first Brazilian Wax

Time and time again, our clients tell us how surprised they are with their intimate waxing experience at Pamper Me. We've all heard the horror stories, so we've let our clients be the ones to tell you exactly what to expect . . . 1. "You don’t have to lie there with EVERYTHING hanging out!" At Pamper Me we provide paper knickers and a towel to hide your dignity. For the majority of the wax, we can work around these in order to keep your modesty. 2. "Your therapist won’t see the ins and outs of your anatomy." Your therapist won’t be having a close up with your downstairs- The wax is carried out in sections, so you don’t have to bear all! Even so, after 15 years’ experience waxing, we treat it


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