Can advanced skin care treatments reverse sun damage?

August 29, 2017

You’ve had an incredible holiday and have returned with a gorgeous, golden tan, much to envy of all your friends and co-workers.


However as your tan begins to fade you’ve also noticed some other tell-tale signs that you’ve spent two weeks basking on a sandy beach with your favourite cocktail.


Your clear complexion is now peppered with dark patches, brown spots, pigmentation and feels a lot tighter; unfortunately sun damage goes hand in hand with a beautiful bronzed glow.


We all know the best prevention is to religiously apply sunscreen, however even this isn’t a 100% guarantee.


Don’t panic – help is at hand. 


We offer a range of advanced skincare treatments which specifically target sun-damaged skin; our experienced facial therapists have hand picked three of the best. 





Microdermabrasion is famed for its innovative anti-ageing benefits through effective exfoliation. However it also successfully targets skin pigmentation, discolouration and fine lines caused by too much time in the sun.


“This type of treatment is incredibly popular as the results are visible after one session. I recommend our Pamper Me Facial with a Microdermabrasion treatment. It gently sloughs off dead skin revealing a brighter, clearer and renewed complexion plus it includes a super relaxing neck and shoulder massage – taking care of your skin never felt so good” says Meghan.


We offer Microdermabrasion as single sessions, however we recommend a course
of 6-10 for maximum results. Microdermabrasion is available with Meghan, and Jodie.





The ultimate rejuvenation treatment, Deep Skin is the latest innovation by the prestigious skincare brand Nannic. Dermabrasion and Nannic's unique Microchannelling system are used to create thousands of microscopic channels in the skin’s layers without causing any damage to the skin. 


As a result, powerful invigorating ingredients can then be absorbed and driven into the lower layers of your skin.


“The Deep Skin system is unlike any other as the inclusion of pharmaceutical grade serums refresh and revitalise the face. The effective ingredients target the signs of ageing and sun damage by plumping and smoothing fine lines” explains Rebecca.

Deep Skin works from the inside out and promotes new collagen growth; your complexion is instantly firmer and noticeably more youthful-looking.


Rebecca continues “I recommend a course of 6 treatments, 2 weeks apart to truly see the outstanding benefits.”


The treatment is available with Meghan and Jodie. 

To book or arrange a complimentary consultation with our specialist team call 0161 4785412.



“The Nannic Anti Ageing Facial is clinically proven to improve uneven skin tone and target the signs of ageing. Sun spots are erased and your face is evidently brighter.” explains Jodie.


This pioneering facial incorporates medically certified technology to effectively heal the damaged layers of skin, enabling a brand new start for your complexion.


The treatment is available with Jodie, Meghan.


Love Jodie Finnigan xoxo



Why not contact Pamper Me Beauty Boutique and arrange a free in-depth consultation?


Our friendly team of expert therapists would be happy to talk through each treatment and offer essential advice on dealing with sun damage.

0161 4785412

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