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10 Things You Should Expect From a FIVE star Facial!

An excellent facial can work miracles for your skin and lower your stress levels. If you’re looking for the perfect facial here are Pamper Me’s top tips on what to expect from a 5 star treatment.

1. Consultation

Our golden rule is that a consultation is vital. Your therapist should ask you a number of questions to understand your skins needs. Your skin care regime, how long and often do you spend looking after your skin, is your face is exposed to the sun for long periods? They should ask what your goals are, listen and summarise what you want from your treatment.

2. The Treatment Room

The room should be relaxing, comfortable, warm and inviting. Ambience is key to relaxation. Your bed should be covered in layers of towels or blankets to wrap your body in. Relaxing music is great to unwind to and there is nothing better than soft lighting and beautiful aromas to melt away your stress.

3. Hygiene

Dirty hands are a big no! Your therapist should wash their hands in front of you - after all they are touching your face. Clean fresh towels should always be provided. Your therapist should look presentable and well groomed.

4. Chinwag or chill?

Some people enjoy speaking to their therapist about their skin or general conversation throughout their treatment. Some people like to be silent. Your therapist should be able to tell how you would like your facial treatment.

5. The cleanse

In a 5 star treatment the facial cleanse should never be rushed. Cleansing should be like a massage – thorough but luxurious. No area should be missed even your neck and shoulders should be cleansed! Your nostrils should never both be covered at the same time- you should be able to breathe without opening your mouth.

6. Product Removal

Avoid therapists that use soggy cotton wool or facial sponges that could have been used on every client before you (Remember Hygiene) Warm towels should be used to make sure all products are removed. There is nothing worse than a load of exfoliant being left on the side of your face!

7. The Massage

Your facial massage is a very important step in your treatment. This should be in time to the music, very slow-firm on the right places, soft on others. Sweeping movements should seem flawless until you have no idea which is hand is where. The biggest compliment for a therapist is a snoring client!

8. Thou shalt not leave your client

Your therapist should never leave you for long periods of time during your treatment. When your mask is applied that is time your therapist should use to give you a gorgeous massage. Head, neck and shoulders are Pamper Me’s favourite!

9. Clean as a whistle

Your therapist should ensure there are no remaining products on your face. Mask up your nose is a big NO! No oil in your hair unless you have requested otherwise and no over applied moisturiser!

10. Aftercare

Your therapist should advise your aftercare. An experienced therapist will recommend products to help improve your skin not just throw you out the door. A glass of water is always gratefully received and a chair to relax. If you have a special event coming up and you want to book a course of facials a good therapist will create a treatment plan with you.

Love Jodie Finnigan xoxo

We believe that YOU deserve the best! And no compromise should be made in ensuring you have the most AMAZING facial ever!

If you would like to have your very own Pamper Me experience you can either book ONLINE or give us a call on 0161

0161 478 5412

22 Deanery Way, Stockport SK1 1NA, UK