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IPL MYTHS do you really know what IPL can do for you?

While IPL is a fairly new treatment, you may not be aware of the incredible development in technology that this therapy has undergone. This means we can treat multiple conditions, with minimal pain and fantastic results!

“IPL is only for hair removal” – IPL is most commonly recognised for hair removal. It is a fantastic alternative to shaving or waxing, but IPL can be an effective treatment for so much more. It improves the effects of skin conditions such as Rosacea and Acne, fights the signs of ageing skin; in the form of wrinkles and age spots, diminishes thread veins and improves uneven pigmentation and skin texture.

“Laser treatment cost a fortune” – The results that can be achieved with IPL cannot be achieved through the use of even the most expensive creams or serums. There is no way of removing thread veins and age spots through the use of cosmetics, the same goes with wrinkles! On the other hand, invasive procedures require recovery time and can cost hundreds – if not thousands – while IPL is cost effective, with no “down time”.

“It’s a slow and painful process” – So many clients expect to feel a burning sensation when beginning their treatment. However, over the years IPL has developed so much, and you’ll be glad to know it is relatively painless! Considering the results, it is one of the most gentle and non-invasive procedures you can get.

“I’ll have to constantly be going back” – In most instances, we only recommend 3-6 sessions to achieve your desired results! For skin conditions such as thread veins, once the problem is “solved” there is absolutely no need to be continually having treatments!

“I can find it even cheap elsewhere” – IPL machines are expensive and dangerous in the wrong hands. If the laser is operated incorrectly, this can lead to disappointing results, sometimes even damage to the skin and eyes. Be assured that your therapist has the relevant qualification and training and don’t take risks with your health. With most therapies, if a treatment is more than half price, there is usually a reason.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have surrounding IPL and what can be achieved for you during a skin consultation.

To book either call 0161 4785412 or Book Online xoxo

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