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Making the most of your intimate wax!

Jodie, the founder of Pamper Me has over 15 years’ experience of waxing practically every part of the body, but she is mostly known for her knowledge and expertise in waxing the intimate area i.e. Brazilian waxing.

She shares with us that one of the most important parts of a Brazilian Wax is actually after you’ve left the salon. Taking care of the area makes for the most comfortable and even regrowth, meaning you can leave more time between appointments.

Jodie can help you prolong the results of your intimate wax with her top tips:

Banish ingrown hair-With any intimate wax, the area should be regularly exfoliated. This is in order to prevent ingrown hairs. Light exfoliation removes the top layer of skin so the re growing hair doesn’t get trapped and consequently grows inwards. Jodie recommends the Bump eRaiser Exfoliating Mitt, but a loofah, body brush or textured wash cloth can help too. If you do suffer with ingrown hairs, you can use Bump eRaiser Medi Paste which an exceptionally effect way of treating the infection.

Stay comfortable-The skin can remain sensitive for 24 hours after a wax. To make yourself most comfortable, avoid vigorous exercise or wearing tight clothing for at least the following day.

Sooth Irritation–Applying a cooling lotion- especially anything containing Aloe Vera- can help reduce redness and irritation.

Prevent Infection-The hair follicles can remain open for hours following your intimate wax. It is important to avoid swimming, stream rooms, sunbeds and hot showers for the following 24 hours to ensure there is no chance of bacteria effecting delicate your skin. We especially recommend waxing at least a day before you go on holiday.

Minimise regrowth- After your first wax, you may find initial regrowth within 2 weeks. However, committing to a regular wax will allow the area to develop a regrowth cycle where the hair will begin to grow back thinner, softer and slower. Because of this, following appointments will be less frequent and less painful!

Book your intimate wax online today with one of our trained Waxperts!

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