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You wax where?!

More and more people are getting into waxing – to avoid shaving, to keep those brows neat and tidy or to keep unwanted fuzz at bay.

At Pamper Me we wax (nearly) anything and everywhere! Step outside your usual treatment as we reveal the benefits of choosing waxing as your hair removal of choice.

Legs-Is it just us that have found ourselves shaving our ankles and leaving the rest? #lazy! Unfortunately, this promotes thicker and darker hair- a lot of people find the hair round the ankles darker, while the rest of the leg can be quite fair. Waxing is the only way of removing the hair from the root- stunting growth and eventually achieving thinner and finer hair.

Brows-Waxing the brows creates a clean, razor sharp defined line that can’t be achieved with plucking. It creates the most flawless look and can be used to create any shape or style. It is also quicker, and a lot less painful that threading.

Hollywood- While a Brazilian is the most popular intimate wax, Hollywood is the art of removing all the hair, reaching places and providing results that a razor just cannot achieve. There are 7 different types of intimate waxing to choose from that provide different styles from a tidy up around the knicker line to a totally smooth, fuzz free lady garden!

Top Lip/Chin- There is NO SHAME in having facial hair- nearly all woman have it! Waxing your top lip is an extremely quick and affordable treatment- its takes seconds! You can book in or even add it on the end of your eyebrow wax- once the “peach fuzz” is removed, you will see your makeup glides on seamlessly!

Ears & Nose- WHAT!!! We hear you cry! Yes, we can even wax the hair from your ears and nostrils! - anything anywhere - remember?! It is a popular treatment among both men and woman.

Toes- As part of our standard leg wax, we offer to wax the top of the foot and toes for free, after all it's just an extension of your ankles! Don't be shy in asking if you would like us to include this in your next wax.

Whether you want us to wax your arms, the small of your back or the hair from your toes, we are happy to help! To book in your wax appointment either give us a call on 0161 4785412 or book online by clicking here

0161 478 5412

22 Deanery Way, Stockport SK1 1NA, UK