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How do I cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder?

At this time of year, our spirits are certainly dwindling.

Going to and from work in the dark is proven to affect the hormones in the brain controlling our mood, appetite and sleeping patterns. Feeling the need to stock up on carbs and sleep excessively, along with feeling low in mood are all symptoms of the winter blues, and more seriously S.A.D.

Medication, cognitive behaviour therapy and light therapy can all help and it’s important to get the right treatment for you, with the help of a GP.

With all this in mind, we know that massage therapy is a treatment that numerous clients have found really useful.

Stimulating pressure points in the body can release energy and therefore tension and even

reduce pain and psychological distress.

Massage is a treatment that varies massively from person to person. It may be worth trying massage or using it in conjunction with other treatments like our LED light therapy if you are suffering from S.A.D or winter blues.

All in all, it is vital to recognise the fact you don’t have to wait until the summer months to start to feel better in yourself. Don’t give up looking for a treatment that works for you.

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