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The best feeling in the world!

How amazing is the feeling of having someone’s fingers run through your hair, or the sensation of having our hair washed at the hairdressers! I’m positive, it’s one of the best feelings in the world!

While the scalp is a sensitive area, the head can be a source of a lot of our tension & pain.

This explains why massaging this area is completely heavenly & relaxing!

We really can’t say enough about how soothing and comforting massaging the head, neck and scalp can be, but it also has numerous other wonderful benefits along with it!

Thicker, fuller hair

It encourages growth and strength in the hair follicle!

This is why we even recommended gently brushing through your hair every night before bed.

It promotes natural oil flow through the hair shaft which have replenishing properties that can remedy damage caused by sun and hot styling tools.

Alert & concentrated

Encouraging blood flow and oxygen to the brain helps with concentration and brain power!

Even athletes have been known to use this technique!

For the same reason, a head massage can help with tension, headaches and neck pain.

Combats psoriasis, dandruff, itchy and flaky scalps

Massage encourages the scalp to produce more oil which can eliminate dryness, which is often the factor that leads clients to suffer with itchy and flaky scalps, or sometimes even psoriasis and dandruff. Don’t be embarrassed to book in – we can help improve such conditions!

If you really want to indulge, add an Indian head massage to your next treatment, such as a massage or your regular brow appointment!

Book in today at www.pamper-me.co.ukor call us on 0161 478 5412

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