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Why post-natal massage is just as important as pregnancy massage

Find out why it’s just as important to treat yourself to a massage after you have a baby as before…

Carrying a baby is not only stressful, but can sometimes be quite painful and uncomfortable at times. If you were lucky enough to have had a Pamper Me pregnancy massage you probably felt incredibly relaxed, not to mention how much better your body felt afterwards!

But once your beautiful baby has arrived, it’s equally as important, if a little trickier, to find some ‘me time’ for a postnatal massage.

Being a new mum can be very difficult! Your body is recovering from childbirth, you’re not eating right and you’re deprived of much needed sleep!

If you are like me and your baby wants to be held all day and night long! You are constantly trying to find a comfortable position for your arms, back and legs as they get all achy and cramped up.

Your arms are sore from carrying the car seat and finding JUST the right position to feed your baby! Your back aches from bending over to change nappies, and struggling to get the pram out of the car boot! And your legs are tired from the constant running up and down the stairs because it’s 1pm and you have just realised you have forgotten to brush your teeth!

We believe it is especially important that you have time for yourself, because like the saying goes ‘in order to look after others you must first look after yourself’!

When you come to Pamper Me we not only want to see photos of your gorgeous new baby, we want to hear about how you are feeling, and what issues you might be having with your post labour body.

Just like your Pregnancy Massage, your therapist will adjust the massage couch, use specialist supports and bouncy pillows to get you in a super comfortable position to ensure that you can fully enjoy your massage.

Additionally if your breasts are tender and swollen don’t feel awkward or embarrassed! Let us know and we will ensure that you are comfortable and give you an additional fluffy towel to catch any of those accidental leaks.

Your massage will be adapted to help your posture, relieve you of any aches and pains, plus give you a full hour of uninterrupted relaxation…..

To book your appointment give us a call on 0161 4785412 or if it is 3am and you have been up for the 4th time this evening BOOK ONLINE!

Love Jodie xoxo

0161 478 5412

22 Deanery Way, Stockport SK1 1NA, UK