Going Beyond the Call of Beauty

With years of experience in the beauty industry, every single one of us at Pamper Me can honestly say we love what we do for a living. We only recruit highly- skilled professionals, who posses a true passion for beauty and aesthetics, and always strive to learn more. Our team members will go the extra mile to ensure that clients’ expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Get in touch today to book your next treatment with us.


Jodie Finnigan

Founder of Pamper Me

Over the years Jodie has invested a lot of time and energy in training and development to become an excellent therapist with an equally talented team of therapists who work along side her.

Jodie has over 15 years experience as a Beauty Therapist, and has worked for some of the best spas before deciding to take a leap and starting her own beauty business.




Skin Geek 

Jodie is a highly respected and successful facialist, her 15 years of knowledge and training knows no bounds when it comes to the skin. She especially loves working with clients to create their very own bespoke Skin Journey to ensure that they get amazing results from their facials and skin care.

Jodie explains 'I get great satisfaction from helping my clients to feel more confident and love their reflection in the mirror. Over the years I have helped clients with Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation and active Acne (to name a few skin complaints!) to confidently leave the house without their makeup. Seeing my clients get the results they really need and seeing their smiles makes me burst with pride, I really do have the best job!



For over 12 years Jodie has been waxing male and female clients using her incredible techniques to keep her clients smooth and fuzz free! Using Hot Wax and Strip Wax, she is an expert in Speed Waxing and Intimate Waxing. Jodie explains 'Getting your monthly wax shouldn't be traumatic! Using my techniques that I have developed over the years I believe that a clients wax appointment should be quick and as painless as possible.'


Massage Angel

Jodie decided to go into the Beauty Industry because she has scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) and wanted to learn more about massage.

Living with a spinal condition and dealing with pain on a daily basis, Jodie wanted to understand her condition and learn more about treating it.

Throughout her career she has trained in various massage techniques and specialises in treating clients with muscular and skeletal conditions. She goes on to explain 'I know what it's like to be in pain, and how a great massage and relieve that discomfort. I believe that massage can be incredibly healing for the body as well as the mind. We sometimes forget to take care of ourselves, and an unbelievably great massage is a fabulous way of ensuring our body and mind are balanced.'


Jerry Bethell

Business Development Manager

With out the amazing support we have from Jerry, Pamper Me would struggle to keep up to date with our vast number of appointments, enquires and online sales.


Jerry has been part of the Pamper Me family for many years, her positive and friendly personality is why she is one of our most favourite people ever.


Jerry has many responsibilities at Pamper Me, one of her biggest is ensuring our salon grows!

Over the years Jerry has grown our Social Media, increased our productivity and been on hand to help our clients in any way possible.


We LOVE Jerry!


Courtney Bennett

Senior Beauty Therapist

Courtney is one of our most sought after beauty therapists due to her attention to detail and extremely high level of expertise.


Courtney joined the team several years ago as a Junior Apprentice, and worked hard to prove her capability and earn the title of Senior Beauty Therapist. 


Don't let this sweet young face fool you! In a short time Courtney has become one our most popular therapists amassing nearly a hundred five star reviews!

If you have been lucky enough to have one of Courtney's treatments we are sure you will agree that she is awesome!


Courtney's focus and attention to detail has elevated her reputation to become our resident Eyebrow Queen! 


Courtney has created quite a following where her Brows are concerned! Using a combination of advanced techniques, Courtney can tame even the most wildest of brows to give you the eyebrows you have always wanted!


Abbey Pearson

Beauty Therapist

Abbey is a rising star in the Pamper Me family and has already established a loyal client base who compliment her bubbly personality, coupled with her second-to-non ability with amazing treatments such as her awesome Massages and relaxing Facials.

Massage Angel

Abbey can cure achy muscles and  joints with a magic touch. Her calming and gentle nature creates a tranquil environment that is relaxing and leaves our clients feeling completely rejuvenated! 


Alexandra Bernhard

Senior Beauty Therapist

Alex is an incredible beauty therapist and a wonderful team member!

Alex prides herself on her attention to detail which ensures her clients achieve amazing, perfect results.

Her warm and friendly personality makes your treatments personal and memorable.  


Alex loves giving clients amazing results!  She has continued to develop her skills and knowledge over the years to give excellent facial treatments and skin care advice.