Lash Advice

Avoid steam

We advise to avoid ‘steamy’ experiences for 24 hours afterwards. This includes saunas, steam rooms, the gym, hoovering, but also standing by the kettle waiting for it to boil, opening the dishwasher while it’s on and oven door while cooking – who knew these household dangers lay in wait ready to ruin your beautiful lash extensions?

Don’t get lashes wet for 24 hours

The shower will still produce steam and can affect the adhesive bond.

Don’t use micellar water

Micellar water – full of lovely little micelles, perfect for removing make-up quickly and efficiently. People look at the word ‘water’ and assume it’s fine to use on lashes – but it’s not – a micelle is a lipid, i.e. an oil, meaning micellar water is one of the worst products to use on lash extensions.

Don’t use makeup wipes

Makeup wipes are also a no-no – they contain fibres which will catch on the lashes and pull them off, and they are impregnated with oil which breaks down the eyelash adhesive.

Don’t use waxy eyeliners

Lovely waxy eyeliner is the bane of your life as a lash tech – packed full of beeswax, form fillers, thickeners and oil – so difficult to remove and so good at breaking down cyanoacrylate. Instead encourage clients to use oil-free eyeliners, such as our Amplify Eyeliner.

Do clean lashes daily

We encourage you to clean their eyelash extensions often. Every day you should be brushing through your lashes with a mascara wand and you should also be giving their lashes a good clean! We recommend our Lash Cleansing Duo set, perfect for getting into the lash line to clean away any nasties!

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