Pregnancy Treatment Menu

We have established our reputation as Stockport's place to go for pre and post natal treatments.

All of our therapists are qualified and experienced in providing luxurious, pregnancy safe treatments.

All of our Pregnancy Treatments are suitable throughout your 2nd and 3rd trimester and are adapted by the therapist at every stage of your pregnancy to provide the most deeply relaxing and soothing treatments possible. 

Pregnancy Body Treatments

Pregnancy Bump Masque Treatment

When your blossoming bump is feeling dry, itchy and stretched let us take the stress away.

Our bump treatment is designed to exfoliate, nourish and soothe your skin with our unique and exclusive bump mask.

This lavish and tranquil treatment will help to prevent stretch marks and tone your skin with a few surprises along the way to leave you and your bump completely relaxed and hydrated.

45 mins


pregnancy bump treatment

Pregnancy Body Scrub & Massage

Our full body exfoliation treatment has been designed with pregnancy in mind.

Your skin will be going through lots of changes throughout your baby growing journey, some good…..some bad.

After years of treating pregnant ladies we notice your skin drying out is a common skin concern. Our invigorating full body exfoliation treatment will sweep away dead skin cells and boost circulation whilst revealing your glowing skin underneath.

Your treatment will include a full body hydration treatment to prolong the moisture in your skin and help prevent stretch marks.

45 mins


Pregnant belly

Cankles to Ankles

Your body will be changing in many ways throughout your pregnancy journey.

Swelling to your legs, ankles and feet are usually inevitable.

The Pamper Me team have designed a bespoke treatment to combat these common pregnancy symptoms.

You will fully relax on our treatment bed with speciality prenatal pillows while we relieve your dry, painful, swollen heavy legs and feet.

Using specialised massage techniques and ice cooling gel we drain excess fluid and tension and leave you floating on air. 

30 mins


Prenatal Yoga Practice

Pregnancy Facial Treatments

The Pamper Me team pride themselves on our bespoke facial treatments, with our award-winning therapists using only the best products and techniques your skin will uplifted and rejuvenated after every treatment.

Mama on the go Express

Our express facial is ideal for Mama’s on the go and is the perfect way to spend your lunch break.

Tailored to your skin concern you will be left feeling fresh faced in just 30 minutes.

30 mins


Pregnancy Yoga


Oily & Acne Skin

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect your skin in many ways.

A common skin problem can be acne or an overproduction of oil. Our signature facial  treatment is scientifically formulated to improve skin clarity and reduce acne blemishes, while soothing redness and inflammation.

Perfect for more beautiful, younger, healthy looking skin!

60 mins



Smooth as a Baby’s Bum

Dry/ Dehydrated Skin

This is our signature facial for mums to be that are suffering with dry or dehydrated skin.

Your luxurious pregnancy facial will rehydrate, moisturise and nourish the skin. The treatment includes deep cleanse, exfoliation and a hydrating mask followed by an indulgent facial massage.

Your skin will feel revitalised, energised and smoother with a radiant glow.

60 mins


Woman with Face Cream

No More Tears 

Sensitive/Normal Skin

It's not just babies that have sensitive skin!

During pregnancy your skin can become extremely sensitive and you can react to your normal skin routine.

We have developed this facial to be delicate and nourishing while getting the results you need during your baby baking!

Your skin will be left glowing and radiant and your body deeply relaxed.

60 mins 


Flawless Skin

Pamper Me Mama Massage
Your therapist will use pregnancy safe massage techniques to treat muscular aches, fluid retention, stress and fatigue. She will also provide comfort and support with pre-natal cushions, blankets and towels to ensure that the mother & baby feel safe and secure throughout the treatment.

Anxiety & Stress Relieving Mama Massage

Be taken to new levels of tranquility with our stress relieving full body massage guaranteed to relax your body, mind and soul. Our signature massage oil will not only alleviate stress completely but will nourish your skin and improve skin elasticity, great for helping prevent stretch marks.

30 mins £40 

60 mins £60

90 mins £100

Young beautiful pregnant woman having massage in spa salon.jpg

Sleep & Relaxation Mama Massage

For mums-to-be who are experiencing disturbed sleep, aches, pains and puffiness, this bespoke massage will leave you feeling well rested and completely relaxed.  Our delicately fragrant oil is the perfect way to soothe and promote peaceful sleep.

30 mins £40 

60 mins £60

90 mins £100

Pregnant Woman in Brown

Invigorating & Energy Boosting Mama Massage

Never before has your body changed so much or worked so hard!

Our Energy boosting Mama massage is ideal for mums needing a spring in their step while taking some time out for self care.  Our bespoke top to toe massage will leave you feeling radiant and glowing ready to take on the world!

30 mins £40 

60 mins £60

90 mins £100

Smiling Pregnant Woman

The Babymooners (1+1=3)

Our Babymoon treatment is a side-by-side Mama Massage for her and a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage for their partner.

It's a perfect way to spend some time bonding with your growing baby together. This is also a popular package for mothers and daughters or friends.


30 mins £80

60 mins £120 

Expectant Couple

Pregnancy Experiences

Our special pregnancy experiences have been created to help you unwind and relax, restoring a sense of calm and comfort  during your pregnancy journey.

Love From Bump

Decadent, relaxing ‘you time’ before your new arrival 


Mama on the go Facial 

Choice of Pregnancy Massage 

Indian Head massage 


75 mins


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Pregnant Woman Staying Fit

Yummy Mummy

Indulge your senses and relax with our handpicked luxury pregnancy experience 


Skin Glow Facial 

Choice of Pregnancy Massage 

Cankles to Ankles Treatment


120 mins


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Smiling Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy Partners

Stockport Birth Services

Stockport Birth Services

The vision of Stockport Birth Services is to help parents achieve their positive birth - whatever that looks like for them.

Whether it’s making sure you have the full facts to make your informed decisions, overcoming birth anxiety, or simply somewhere to spend a couple of hours a week focusing just on you and your baby away from your busy lifestyle - we’ve got you covered. With group antenatal classes and bespoke private sessions there’s something to suit your needs and schedule. We make sure that whatever choices you want to make you’re given the full facts for you to make your educated decision.

There’s also a range of other complementary services to help you through your pregnancy and postnatal period including Rebozo, Closing the Bones, breastfeeding support and postnatal groups.

Sarah Parker Fitness

Sarah Parker Fitness

I’m a pre and postnatal exercise specialist.  So if you are pregnant you may be interested in one of my Pregnancy classes:

  • Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation – for stretching, releasing and destressing

  • Pregnancy Fitness – for maintaining your fitness levels safely

  • Pregnancy Pilates Third Trimester online course – to help you prepare for the big day!

My pregnancy classes are for mums-to-be who want to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy.  The classes are specifically designed to address the changes in your body associated with pregnancy.

Instead of just standard exercises all my classes include:

  • breathing and relaxation techniques

  • pelvic floor and core strengthening

  • pelvic stability and mobility exercises

  • rehearsal of labour positions

  • preparation for the postnatal period

  • mental preparation!

download (1).jpeg

Orange Bloom Yoga Studio

Pregnancy Yoga is a lovely practise for ladies who are expecting!

We will be flowing through movement to help with posture, strength and easing out tension in hips and shoulders.

Suitable for those with a yoga practise already established pre-pregnancy or those who are 14 weeks or more. 

Your Yoga, your way. Your yoga practise should bring you exactly what you need. Each time you step on the mat, yoga can deliver unique benefits, from increasing your flexibility and strength. To bringing peace and mindfulness into your life. You should leave your mat smiling and full of joy.