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When we created our postnatal treatment we considered both the physical and emotional toll taken on the mind and body when bringing a new baby home. These nurturing treatments will help new mums to soothe the mind and emotions and focuses to relieve post-natal symptoms such as lack of sleep, aches and pains and excess fluid in the body.

Body Treatments

Having a baby is life changing! 

But not many of us are prepared for the changes to our bodies! - but please don’t despair because we can help you feel like yourself again by boosting your body confidence and getting you back in your favourite pre-pregnancy clothes.

C-Section Scar Treatment

This confidence boosting treatment helps your C-section scar to heal quickly and safely!

Using our Nannic Deep Skin technology we will boost your body’s ability to heal by speeding up your cell renewal process. Our transformative treatment will improve the appearance and texture of your scar as it heals, reducing redness and puckering.

We aim to help you heal quickly and feel confident in your amazing yummy mummy body.

30 mins



RF Body Lifting & Skin Tightening Treatment

We have created the ultimate body lifting treatment for new mums to feel more like the goddess we know you are!

Using advanced Nannic technology we will lift, tone and tighten your tummy, bottom, thighs and breasts, making sure everything is back where it belongs.

Wave goodbye to sagging skin and unsightly cellulite; and say hello to the goddess within!

60 mins


Pregnant belly

RF Tummy Tightening Treatment

After having your gorgeous bundle of joy your tummy may need a little help to spring back!

This double treatment tightens and smooths your tummy whilst also reducing the appearance of unsightly stretchmarks.

Using our powerful Nannic technology we can dramatically increase the connection between muscles and skin tissue to lift, tone and tighten your mummy tummy, giving you the confidence to wear whatever you want!

30 mins


Body Measurements

Post Natal Facial Treatments

Post pregnancy your skin may be struggling with the radical changes in your hormones, lack of sleep and the exhaustion you may be experiencing as you enter into this next wonderful chapter of your life.

You are welcome to choose from our extensive list of facial treatments, but we have handpicked our most popular post-pregnancy treatments to help you get your skin glowing again.

Resurfacing & Illuminating

After pregnancy you may feel that your skin is looking dull and unloved, after all you have been focusing all of your attention on your gorgeous baby!

This advanced facial offers a powerful combination of lactic acid with AHA and vitamin C. Ideal for targeting hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. 

It safely and effectively resurfaces your skin, revealing an incredibly radiant, even complexion.

45 mins


Pregnacy and Post Natal Spa Treatments

Intensive Hydration

Stress, tiredness and breastfeeding can leave your skin feeling dehydrated.

Enjoy an hour of relaxation as the hydra balance of your skin is restored leaving you with a beautifully luminous, fresh and youthful complexion.

60 mins


Pregnacy and Post Natal Spa Treatments


Adult acne is a very common, especially during or after pregnancy.

Many of our clients felt shy when posing for photographs with their newborn, and didn’t feel confident enough to not wear makeup.

Our highly effective medical IPL treatment will destroy the bacteria that causes your acne, and reduce any inflammation and redness. 

In no time at all you will be confidently showing off your smooth, pimple free skin!

60 mins



Postnatal Partners


Icon Photography Studios

Newborn portraits are one of our faves!

Its amazing just how quickly your little one changes and grows so we think is soooo important to have those special newborn portraits taken while your baby is still all tiny and new as they don’t stay this way for long! We have a lovely selection of beautiful fluffy blankets and baby wraps and pretty little headbands to add those special little touches to your newborn session. We pride ourselves in taking really natural and professional images that capture your beautiful new baby perfectly.

download (1).jpeg

Finger And Thumbs Keepsakes

Finger and Thumbs is a high quality keepsake company specializing in handmade personalised gifts including Silver Fingerprint Jewellery, Ceramic Handprints, 3D Casts and Paint Your Own Ceramics. All the keepsakes are handmade by me in my studio in Poynton.  

Finger and Thumbs not only make baby keepsakes but and make casts for your whole family. 

Finger and Thumbs is a mobile business working from my studio in based at our family home in Poynton.

Appointments can be made at the studio or in the comfort of your own home if you are local to Manchester, Stockport, Macclesfield or Cheshire. 

SAVE £5.00 off your 1st order with discount code: F&TPAMP


Female Focus Clinic

The Mummy MOT is a specialist postnatal examination for women following both vaginal and caesarean deliveries.

During the assessment your posture, breathing, tummy gap and pelvic floor strength will be checked. 

Following your initial Mummy MOT assessment you will be given the findings on a written report.

Following pregnancy and childbirth there are:

  • postural changes

  • muscle imbalances, and

  • altered alignment


These changes persist unless treated. It is essential to correct and rebalance them otherwise pain, prolapse, incontinence or split abdominals will persist / occur. If untreated, how can mums return to daily functional activities safely?  Mums need to bend, squat, lift and twist!


Bloom Baby Classes

Bloom provide highly researched baby development programmes for babies from six weeks of age to 14 months. Each activity has been carefully researched to provide a benefit to parent as well as your baby.

Our teacher led approach centre around the 3 stages of learning (social/emotional, Cognitive and Physical) allowing little ones to explore and experience our fun classes with their parents.

Our brand focuses on post natal wellbeing and mental health.

We understand how life changes after having a baby and with that in mind we ensure our classes are welcoming and inclusive to all. We like to get to know our parents as well as their baby’s and many parents stay with us until they return to work.

Each activity aims to strengthen the bond between you and show you activities that you can replicate at home.


Sweaty Mama

Sweaty Mama is a unique and effective way to exercise whilst you bond with your child.

No need to organise childcare to get to the gym, Sweaty Mama allows you to spend quality time with your child whilst you undertake the workout.  Exercises are adapted to suit all ages & development of the child as well as suit the fitness level of the Mama.

Over the course of sessions, you gradually build up your fitness level and strengthen your core & posture to rehabilitate your body after having a child.

A fab, fun workout to upbeat music both you and your child will love!

With babies, toddlers and Preschoolers all joining in the fun!

Happy Baby

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