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What Runners should know before getting a bikini wax!

We get asked a lot of questions about waxing, especially from our active ladies who not only have a fabulous fitness routine but also want the best from their grooming routines.

One of the worst feelings in the world is razor burn, especially when its rubbing against your shorts. As a runner we understand that you get sweaty, not to mention chaffed and the last thing you need is any other reason for discomfort.

Waxing is a great way to ensure you are fuzz free all year round, so ditch the razors ladies here is our advice on getting the best results from you waxing!

1. Before having a wax we suggest that you gently exfoliate the area, this will lift any dry or dead skin cells which might be trapping hairs just under the surface of the skin - for the smoothest results we want to ensure that we can remove every little hair!

2. Keep your skin out of the sun for 48 hours before and after your wax! - if you are out running in sunny weather try wearing longer shorts or legging to avoid getting super sensitive skin.

3. Keep a note of any medication you are taking! - a professional wax therapist will give you a consultation form to fill out and she will want to know what medication, herbs and vitamins you are taking. She isn't being nosy! - some medications can give you an adverse reaction to waxing and we wouldn't want that!

4. Bring loose clothing! After your wax we want you to be comfortable, tight clothes can irritate the skin.

5. No running for 24 hours! - that's right no exercise for the next 24 hours, we want to keep the area nice and clean and sweat free!

6. Avoid public water areas, such as hot tubs, saunas, pools and spas for at least 48 hours - whilst your skin is healing after your wax we advise avoiding anywhere you could be at risk of picking up an infection.

7. We advise that you leave your next shower until 24 hours after your wax - avoid using shower gel, even feminine hygiene products! Soap and perfumes can irritate your skin and make it feel very dry & itchy!

8. Keep up with your exfoliating! After your wax avoid exfoliating for a few days, then try to remember to regularly exfoliate and moisturise to avoid getting ingrown hairs.

9. The dreaded ingrown hair!!!! - not everyone gets ingrown hairs, but if your are one of the unfortunate don't be tempted to pick! Picking can make the ingrown hair worse and can even spread the infection, instead we suggest using Bump Eraser or speak to your wax therapist at your next appointment who can safely remove it without causing scarring!

As long as you follow this advice you will have a wonderfully smooth experience!

If you would like to book your wax appointment give us a call 0161 4785412 or for 24/7 convenience book online.

Love Jodie Finnigan xoxo

0161 478 5412

22 Deanery Way, Stockport SK1 1NA, UK