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The worst reviews I have ever received...

A big part of my role at Pamper Me is to ensure you have an amazing experience when you visit our Salon. From booking your appointment, to being welcomed into the salon; I take pride in ensuring that you are well taken care of. Each morning during our team meeting we celebrate the success of the day before, read each review aloud, and build our team's connection and yes…... our egos. There is no better feeling than hearing that we have made your day just that little bit better, or that you have been wowed by your treatments! By celebrating daily we know what works, what doesn't and what we need to improve on. If on the rare occasion when we don't quite get it right, then it's my job to fix i

I saw a man’s tickle tackle on Facebook!

If you have ever met me you will know that I am most passionate when I speak about female empowerment. After all I’m a female business owner, I work with a team of strong women, most of my clients are female and I’m part of a generation that is paving the way for the next generation of young female entrepreneurs. So it goes against everything I stand for when I find myself questioning where I stand on women sharing naked social media posts. Recently a man that I know posted several photos of their genitals onto their social media! Their ACTUAL private parts! I was shocked and horrified that I was looking at the most intimate areas of his body, and I hadn’t asked to see it, and I didn’t want

The day I couldn't stop crying!

It was about 18 months ago when I came into the salon, just like most days I had a busy column filled with treatments. I went through my usual morning routine of setting up the treatment rooms and switching on wax pots, nothing unusual. I’d noticed a slight tremor in my hands, but it had been there for a few weeks and put it down to my crazy busy life of juggling long days in the salon with taking care of my son and keeping on top of housework, food shopping and the occasional DIY. A few hours into my day all was running smoothly, I had managed to keep on time for each appointment and I was looking forward to my lunch break in an hour. Just one more appointment and I could have a break! The


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