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The worst reviews I have ever received...

A big part of my role at Pamper Me is to ensure you have an amazing experience when you visit our Salon. From booking your appointment, to being welcomed into the salon; I take pride in ensuring that you are well taken care of.

Each morning during our team meeting we celebrate the success of the day before, read each review aloud, and build our team's connection and yes…... our egos.

There is no better feeling than hearing that we have made your day just that little bit better, or that you have been wowed by your treatments!

By celebrating daily we know what works, what doesn't and what we need to improve on. If on the rare occasion when we don't quite get it right, then it's my job to fix it.

Reviews are important! When I book a holiday, table for dinner or a day out with the kids I go straight to Trip Advisor for other people's opinions. Did Sandra from Skegness enjoy the pool? What was Diane’s take on the Linguine at my local Italian? Other people's opinions have such a massive impact on our lives!

But which reviews really matter in our lives?

I have 4 wonderful children, yes I say wonderful because that is politically correct!

I have the joy of being a mother and a foster mother. I began my journey to motherhood 10 years ago and my journey of Fostering 8 years ago.

It doesn't matter if I gave birth to you, if I'm tucking you into bed every night and telling you to stop eating your bogies then you're mine! EVEN if it's only for a short while.

I have 4 different personalities, opinions, wants and needs to contend with at home (so similar to working alongside the team at Pamper Me!!!!)

If my adoring children were to leave me a review then what would it say? I don't think I would have the best rating on ‘Parent Advisor’...........

Maria (age 10) - My mum doesn't let me wear belly tops and says it looks cheap, but it was from River Island and was £14!

She is not cool and doesn't understand Tick Tock at all.

She still tries to dress me like I'm a baby and still tries to make me wear frilly socks.

She has the BEST makeup but I'm not allowed to use any of it.

She drones on all the time about how amazing I am and that I can do anything I want to do in life but wont let me have social media, she is a hypocrite!


Arthur (age 8) - Mummy’s meals are often substandard they include too many colours, textures and nutrition.

The toothpaste provided is too ‘spicy’ and she always picks the wrong shade of blue toothbrush.

She becomes very shouty when I put my dirty socks back in the drawer and even louder when it's my undercrackers.

She does give amazing cuddles, however she goes a strange colour of red when I come downstairs after 9pm to ask for one.

She hates doing the ‘Walk of shame’ across the playground when my teacher is not very happy with my behaviour.

She likes to drink wine and eat snacks when I'm in bed. I have caught her many times! It’s not fair!


Dorothy (age 1) - I miss the boobies, they were my favourite. I only see them now when I pull the shower curtain down while she is washing.

I love to open the kitchen bin and find snacks but mummy doesn't like this at all.

She is very busy and I wish I could stay with her all the time but she has to leave me 3 times a week. I don't understand where she goes but she always comes back to get me.

I like to make mummy think I will eat my meals but the dog waits so nicely next to me I just give it to her instead.

All I want to do is lick water out of the dogs bowl but this makes mummy shout so I have to play with the sockets instead until she shouts again.

Why does she have to control everything!


*Lucy (age 11) - I don't like having to clean my room so I hide everything I can down the back of furniture, she gets really mad.

Mum makes me do homework which I can make last all night long just to make her go that strange shade of red.

She thinks she knows it all and is very bossy! She has these really long rants about behaviour and other really boring stuff that I don't remember.

She teaches me so much about how to love people, she really cares and always keeps me safe. She took me on my first holiday and taught me how to swim. She cries when I do new things for the first time, she is so embarrassing!


These are the worst reviews I have received but I'm owning them!

Being a mum is hard! If you work or stay at home it's still as tough. I'm not ashamed to admit I love being at work, just being me for a short while. Not Mummy, not a wife just Jerry.

I drive away from the childminders with a smile on my face! FREEDOM!

Shamelessly I have even turned the clock back an hour and told those little sweethearts is bedtime!

In a way I hope these reviews my children have of me never change! I want to mould these hooligans into amazing adults. I want them to have the same standards when they parent their own children and to have their moral compass in the right direction.

Jerry at work and Jerry at home are the same person. I will celebrate success, make it right when it is wrong, have your back and build connections.

I wonder what review your children would leave you on ‘Parent Advisor’?

Love Jerry Bethell

Pamper Me

0161 478 5412

22 Deanery Way, Stockport SK1 1NA, UK