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Science proves that massage boosts your immune system!

For years I have harped on to anyone who will listen (mainly my poor suffering husband) about the benefits of massage. There are the obvious benefits of kneading out knots and tense muscles, which over the years I have become an expert in finding and relieving my clients' aches and pains. But the other benefits, which may sound a bit woo woo and out there, are the emotional benefits. Over the last few weeks we have shared insight into studies which have proven that massage can help with anxiety and depression, and can also help you get a good night's sleep! During my research I came across an article about a study (read full article) which was conducted to see if massage really does boost t

Emotional benefits of human touch

Along with the physical effects of massage, physical touch has a large impact on our emotional health. Human touch is vital to our emotional well-being. Lack of touch can lead to depression and feelings of loneliness. Here are some ways that massage therapy can impact your emotions. LOWERS ANXIETY Massage releases serotonin and oxytocin. These hormones are also responsible for giving people feelings of happiness and relaxation. Serotonin is also your body’s natural antidepressant. Human touch can also help prevent and treat depression. HELPS PEOPLE WITH TOUCH DEPRIVATION Touch is right up there with food and water in terms of what our body needs. Some people who experience a strong craving f

Can Massage help you sleep?

Indulging in an aromatherapy massage at the end of a tough week isn’t just a nice way to wind down—it’s also been shown to improve sleep, according to numerous scientific studies. Surprising? Maybe not, considering that baby massage is one of the first techniques used to help infants sleep. But what you may be amazed by is just how beneficial a little R&R on the massage table can be for your sleep. It Helps You Relax If you’re kept up at night worrying about financial problems, a rocky relationship, or other stressful issues, a massage may be the key to sounder sleep. Regular massage sessions have been found to decrease depression and anxiety levels and improve sleep quality, perhaps because

8 Self Care Ideas

Self Care is a term that has become very popular due to the mental health pandemic that we find ourselves in. Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Recent events have left us feeling anxious, overwhelmed and isolated, all of which have contributed to an upturn in anxiety and depression diagnosis. This month Pamper Me are focusing on Self Care to help our clients on their way to feeling healthier. Here are 8 ways that can help you to start feeling like your old self again! Read more books that tweets! Putting your phone down and spending some quality time reading is good for your health... ‘Losing yourself in a g

Top 5 Podcasts for Self Care

We are focusing on things Self Care this month! As we are getting back to business at Pamper Me we are super aware that we are all feeling a little overwhelmed and anxious. Not to mention exhausted as we are all trying to get back to our normal daily routines! One thing I love to do is lie back in my bed with a face mask and headphones and listen to a podcast. With so much choice it can be difficult to find the right one, so we have complied a list of some of our favs! Here is our list of our favourite Podcasts for Self Care! Calmer You Podcast: Anxiety & Confidence Chloe Brotheridge Practical Positivity Sophie Cliff Self Care is Sexy Kris Wood Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations Oprah Guided Sl

Massage for Mental Health

During this strange time that we find ourselves in, it has never been so important to focus on our mental health. The last few months have forced us to live in isolation, something which is unnatural as we thrive from social connection. At Pamper Me we have promoted Self Care for years, because after-all we are in the business of taking care of people. We understand that a massage is not just pure indulgence, it's a chance to connect with another human and benefit from the healing power of touch. As social beings we need connection with others in order to meet our basic human needs, and now that lockdown rules have been relaxed it is our opportunity to reconnect with each other. Human touch


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