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Massage for Mental Health

During this strange time that we find ourselves in, it has never been so important to focus on our mental health. The last few months have forced us to live in isolation, something which is unnatural as we thrive from social connection.

At Pamper Me we have promoted Self Care for years, because after-all we are in the business of taking care of people.

We understand that a massage is not just pure indulgence, it's a chance to connect with another human and benefit from the healing power of touch. As social beings we need connection with others in order to meet our basic human needs, and now that lockdown rules have been relaxed it is our opportunity to reconnect with each other.

Human touch is so crucial to our well-being. Just think about the benefits of a hug! ‘From

childhood development to emotional and overall wellness, human touch ignites the release of oxytocin, a bonding or love hormone that gives a sense of belonging, enhanced sociability, stability, and trust’

Mayo Clinic carried out a study which found that massage greatly reduces mental illness.

During two and a half months 38 nurses were given a massage once a week, and their research found that the symptoms of mental health such as: fatigue, headaches, sleep disorders and muscle pain greatly lessened.

The hormones that are responsible for making us feel happy increased, and overall stress hormone levels decreased!

We have created a peaceful environment at Pamper Me for you to feel safe to really relax and unwind. We don’t need to know about your mental health in order to give you a great massage, but if you feel the need to open up to your massage therapist she will be happy to listen.

Booking your massage is super easy, you can either give us a call on 0161 4785412 or book online www.pamper-me.co.uk

Love Jodie Finnigan xoxo

P.s. If you are struggling with your mental health you are not alone. All of the Pamper Me team have been struggling too, and we are here for you if you need to reach out.

0161 478 5412

22 Deanery Way, Stockport SK1 1NA, UK