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How to tighten up the dreaded Mummy Tummy!

Having a Mummy Tummy can really make you feel self conscious, but don't worry we have just the treatment for you! Sudden weight loss due to pregnancy can result in the dreaded mummy tummy, which can be almost impossible to correct with diet and exercise alone. The term ‘Mummy Tummy’ is used to describe changes of the skin over the post pregnancy stomach area. ‘Mummy Tummy’ represents a combination of remnant loose skin and stretch marks. During pregnancy, the rapid growth of the baby causes the skin to over stretch. Following birth, some retraction of the skin may occur however most women find that this area is looser than before. The skin may also resemble a deflated balloon or simply appea

Why post-natal massage is just as important as pregnancy massage

Find out why it’s just as important to treat yourself to a massage after you have a baby as before… Carrying a baby is not only stressful, but can sometimes be quite painful and uncomfortable at times. If you were lucky enough to have had a Pamper Me pregnancy massage you probably felt incredibly relaxed, not to mention how much better your body felt afterwards! But once your beautiful baby has arrived, it’s equally as important, if a little trickier, to find some ‘me time’ for a postnatal massage. Being a new mum can be very difficult! Your body is recovering from childbirth, you’re not eating right and you’re deprived of much needed sleep! If you are like me and your baby wants to be held


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