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Nannic Radiofrequency Facelift for Skin Tightening

A Nannic Radiofrequency Facelift is an aesthetic treatment almost as highly demanded as Botox thanks to the great results it achieves in facial tightening and body remodelling, without needles or a scalpel. The procedure is renowned for it's skin tightening, which leaves patients noticing a difference both before and after the Nannic Radiofrequency Facelift. What makes Nannic unique and highly effective is the cocktail of medical grade serums that we apply to personalise your treatment to get the results you want from your facial. What is a Nannic Radiofrequency Facelift? The most advanced radiofrequency (rf) lifting equipment tightens the skin and enables remodelling with desirable results

Rosacea – what we can do for you

If you suffer with Rosacea, you know it can be a sudden and frustrating condition that can lead to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. This can affect everyday life, as its almost always characterised on the face. Even more challenging, we aren’t sure what medically causes the condition, and there is no “cure”. However, there are so many things that can be done to limit the severity of the appearance of the skin, which can really improve a client’s well-being. Tailor your diet Various foods have been linked to aggravating Rosacea. Research can be conflicting, but those with the condition report being triggered by caffeine, spicy foods and hot beverages. Minimise sun damage Sunlight can mak

Treating Skin conditions in the Salon: ACNE

We get a lot of clients come in who suffer with Acne, who think that medication is the only answer to banish the condition and regain the confidence they once had. In reality, there are so many different avenues that can vastly improve the effects Acne is having on your skin and your self-esteem. A lot of people don’t want to venture into using medication, because of the side effects that come along with it. If you or anyone you know is suffering with acne, we would love to help. We provide a free consultation to anyone looking to improve the condition of their skin where we can talk about what treatments would be most effective for you. Facials We have a whole range of Facials available at

You wax where?!

More and more people are getting into waxing – to avoid shaving, to keep those brows neat and tidy or to keep unwanted fuzz at bay. At Pamper Me we wax (nearly) anything and everywhere! Step outside your usual treatment as we reveal the benefits of choosing waxing as your hair removal of choice. Legs-Is it just us that have found ourselves shaving our ankles and leaving the rest? #lazy! Unfortunately, this promotes thicker and darker hair- a lot of people find the hair round the ankles darker, while the rest of the leg can be quite fair. Waxing is the only way of removing the hair from the root- stunting growth and eventually achieving thinner and finer hair. Brows-Waxing the brows creates a


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