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Rosacea – what we can do for you

If you suffer with Rosacea, you know it can be a sudden and frustrating condition that can lead to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. This can affect everyday life, as its almost always characterised on the face.

Even more challenging, we aren’t sure what medically causes the condition, and there is no “cure”.

However, there are so many things that can be done to limit the severity of the appearance of the skin, which can really improve a client’s well-being.

Tailor your diet

Various foods have been linked to aggravating Rosacea. Research can be conflicting, but those with the condition report being triggered by caffeine, spicy foods and hot beverages.

Minimise sun damage

Sunlight can make Rosacea appear dramatically worse. Using a strong SPF – remembering we absorb UVA & UVB rays all year round, not just in the summer months – can prevent the condition appearing worse.

Avoid stress

It’s easy to say avoid stress, we know this isn’t something that can be helped in most situations! But trying to stay calm and mindful can improve your health and wellbeing in a plethora of ways!


Rosacea responds really well to IPL treatment. Oxyhaemoglobin absorbs the laser which destroys the capillaries (similar to what causes thread veins) which create that typical red patchy appearance of Rosacea. After a course of treatment, the redness can be dramatically reduced.

We provide free consultations to anyone looking to use IPL to combat the effects of Rosacea. Along with balancing triggers, IPL can give immense confidence to anyone suffering with the condition.

Contact us for bookings on 0161 478 5412or at www.pamper-me.co.uk

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