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Don't Change - Enhance! - Embracing ageing skin

The texture of our skin will inevitably change over time – The lines on our face are caused by a life time of laughing hysterically (or crying!) frowning, smiling and everything in between.  They are something to be proud of!

But if slowing down the appearance of wrinkles will give you more confidence when you look in the mirror, a non-invasive treatment such as IPL and radiofrequency will rebuild the skin and make you feel better than ever.


Probably the biggest insecurity people face during the processes of ageing.

Intense pulse light is used to “kick start” the structure of the skin – the waves create a flood of the good stuff: collagen. This immediately plumps the skin reducing wrinkles.

Radiofrequency will also lift and tighten the skin, taking years off of your appearance.

Sun Damage

We all know the importance of wearing SPF and being safe in the sun. Having said that, it’s inevitable that we won’t all have some form of sun damage, especially on our face, which sees daily exposure.

Sun Damage is one of the most noticeable effects on our skin, it can cause:

Pigmentation- hyperpigmentation may cause your skin to appear darker, grey and unhealthy. While hypopigmentation works in the opposite way- the skin may become lighter and patchy.

Age spots- Age spots are dark “freckles” that appear on the skin. Clients are concerned that these make you feel or appear older.

IPL and our Power Peel are fantastic treatments to brighten up your complexion.

Thread Veins

Vascular Lesions can be a sign of ageing or sometimes even visible from childhood. These fine purple or red threads on the skin can really affect some client’s confidence – they make the skin look old and uneven. IPL can actually break down these broken capillaries until completely disappeared!

There is no need to have risky, expensive and invasive procedures to tweak these small insecurities.

A course of IPL or Radiofrequency can minimise the effects that life has had on your skin, so you can be most confident in your own skin.

Contact us for bookings on 0161 478 5412 or at www.pamper-me.co.uk

0161 478 5412

22 Deanery Way, Stockport SK1 1NA, UK