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When your beauty therapist is silently judging you!

A few months ago I had a lovely lady on my treatment couch, and as I was massaging her she said ‘my husband was really shocked when I told him I had booked a massage’

‘Really? Why was he shocked’ I asked.

To which she replied that she had always wanted a massage, but she was too ashamed and embarrassed of her body to get undressed. She used to believe that because all beauty therapists are ‘thin and beautiful’ that they would be repulsed and silently judging her body throughout the whole treatment.

And it was only after getting to know me during her visits for her regular facial that she built up the courage to have a massage. In her words she said ‘I know you won’t judge me!’

This woman wasn’t particularly large, in fact I hadn’t even thought about her body shape at all, it didn't make a difference to me if she was slim, curvy, tall or petite. All I was concerned about was making her treatment the most relaxing and enjoyable experience ever.

This isn’t the first time that I've heard a story like this, and it saddens me to think that anyone could feel like this. I can’t imagine missing out on my favorite treatments because I was that embarrassed about my body.

We chatted about how she felt about herself, I wanted to understand how she could view herself in such an awful way. From the moment I had met her I could see was how kind and caring she was. Every time she came in she would ask me about my week, and show compassion and offer words of friendship. She would talk so passionately about her family and friends, share wise or funny stories and offer up advice from a place of love.

I tried to explain to her that all I could see when I looked at her was her kindness and thoughtfulness.

I told her I believe that a person’s value is not determined by what is on the outside, it’s determined by the size of your heart and the kindness and compassion you show to others.

When I sat down and asked my team how they felt about these stories, they too were saddened and horrified. ‘But we would never do that!’ ‘Does it matter what size they are? We just want to do a great treatment’

We each shared stories of when we were made to feel uncomfortable about ourselves, and how it made us feel. We each pointed out areas of our bodies we didn’t like or wished we could change. And each of us offered words of encouragement and kindness to one another, telling each other what we admired and loved about them.

As a team we tried to brainstorm a way to let our clients know that we don’t judge, that we feel the same way about ourselves. That we won’t treat you differently because of your body, because every body is different and beautiful. But how on earth do you put that into words?

After all ACTIONS speak louder than words!

So if you ever visit us at Pamper Me you will never see us roll our eyes, or smile at each other to silently mock you. You will never hear us speak an unkind word, or giggle behind your back.

We know that a beauty salon can be an intimidating place to visit (try going to one as a beauty therapist for an interview!) We will always try to be considerate of what you need, and try to make you feel at ease. And if we haven’t quite got it right please let us know so that we can fix it straight away.

We promise to NEVER silently judge you on your body…..only on the size of your heart.

Love Jodie Finnigan xoxo

Founder of Pamper Me

0161 478 5412

22 Deanery Way, Stockport SK1 1NA, UK