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How to stay safe at Pamper Me - Covid-19

It came to my attention recently that we haven't done such a great job of letting you know what we have put in place to keep you safe during your visit to Pamper Me.

As a beauty therapist we have all undergone extensive training in health, hygiene and infection control; which was all part of our standard beauty qualifications.

Due to the nature of our job, hygiene has always been the upmost of importance.

We provide a range of services which could potentially cause the spread of infections, for example waxing.

When we wax a client sometimes we could cause blood spots, and if we didn't follow strict hygiene procedures we could potentially cause cross infection of diseases such as hepatitis.

So as you can imagine we have always followed the strictest of hygiene protocols, because the safety of our clients and team members has always been a top priority.

During lockdown our team completed several courses to keep us up to date on how to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and during the next few weeks we will be displaying all of our new certificates in the salon.

We also created a risk assessment and did training in the salon in order to carry on providing the same great treatments with the added safety measures in place.

Here is a list of the changes we have made, and what you can expect when you come to Pamper Me on your next visit.

  1. Consultation Forms - When you make an appointment our booking system automatically emails you an online consultation form for you to fill out before your arrive. We decided it would be safer than you filling out a paper form and using our pens and clipboards.

  2. Covid Forms - 24 hours before your appointment our system will also automatically email you a short questionnaire in order to ensure that you don't arrive at the salon with any symptoms.

  3. Track and Trace - Due to Pamper Me having a booking system we have records of all appointment dates and times, so if need be we can aid the NHS. We also have a QR code that you can scan when you arrive at the salon.

  4. Hand Sanitiser - When anyone arrives in the salon they are required to use the hand sanitiser. We have sanitiser in every room, and on most desks and tables throughout Pamper Me.

  5. Hand Washing - All of our therapists already have a habit of washing their hands before and after every treatment. We now have hand soap which has anti-viral properties, and we now provide paper hand towels in the bathroom instead of a hand towel.

  6. Cleaning - We have always maintained high cleaning standards, but since the Covid breakout we have added extra cleaning measures. After a client has left the treatment room we disinfect every surface including: door handles, light switches, tables, trolleys, chairs, product bottles, floors, etc.

  7. Towels - Our towels have always been single use, but we have now included a disinfectant in the washing machine as an added hygiene measure.

  8. PPE - each therapist wears a mask, safety googles and apron during your treatment. We require every person who enters Pamper Me to wear a mask, and you can remove your mask during a facial treatment, or when lying face down during a massage.

We are always looking for ways to increase the safety of our team and clients, and I personally have been keeping a close eye on the government guidelines in case of any changes.

We understand that there are many people who are nervous during this time, and if you are uncertain about the changes we have made, or would like us to answer any questions we welcome you to contact us.

I hope you and your family are safe during these troubling times,

Love Jodie Finnigan

0161 478 5412

22 Deanery Way, Stockport SK1 1NA, UK