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What to expect during a Hot Stone Massage!

When you come to Pamper Me for a Hot Stone Massage several things will happen before your wonderful experience will begin.

Firstly our team will welcome you, take your coat and offer you a drink! We have a choice of beverages including Costa coffees and cappuccinos!

Next you will be asked to fill out a consultation form, don't worry it isn't too long, but it gives use useful information to ensure we can give you the BEST massage ever.

Your therapist will then take you to the treatment room to carry out a consultation, this is your chance to explain where your pain or discomfort is, and how you want to feel during and after your massage!

Once your therapist has all the information she needs to carry out your ideal treatment she will leave you to get undressed and lie down on one of our heated treatment couches...

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

Using hot stones for healing occurred century’s ago, ancient civilisations such as the Mayan,Indian and Chinese cultures used hot stones as a means of improving the function of organs. Healers would use rocks from river beds and warm them in hot coals or hot water, when placing them over the energy centres of the body a healing process occurs - hot stone massage was born. Having a hot stone massage relaxes your body as well as your mind, it sends you into a total state of pure bliss. Hot stone massage has many benefits such as eliminating toxins from the body, improving the body’s circulation, relieving those stubborn aches and pains. Not only is hot stone massage perfect for the body, it can also promote a good healthy nights sleep and reduce stress, anxiety and tension that builds up over time.

During your hot stone massage you can expect to be taken to beautiful meditative state feeling peaceful and tranquil.

Your therapist my start the treatment by placing the warm stones on the energy centres of your body, starting the healing process.

They will then use multiple massage techniques tailored to your needs, they may start the movements with the warm stones and then go into the massage with there hands. Some therapists use hot stones and cold stones to awaken the muscles, this might seem strange!

You are unlikely to feel the intensity of the the different temperatures as your muscles will be completely relaxed.

Things to remember...

Some of the things to remember whilst enjoying your massage is that you should always let your therapist know if the stones are too hot, the therapist should always ask you how the stones are feeling, but if it gets uncomfortable speak up!

If you don’t like the sensation of the cold stones again let them your therapist will be happy to change things up for you.

Try to let yourself relax and let the stones work there magic you will reap the benefits!

Take it easy after your massage don’t do any harsh exercise also try to stay clear of drinking alcohol & smoking for the first 24 hours this is because massage increases circulation therefore alcohol an nicotine have a stronger effect.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water or herbal fusions .

Try to make sure you take a bit of time out to look after yourself and rest as much as possible in order to assist the healing process.

You may feel a little emotional but don’t worry this is quite natural, you may experience some flu like symptoms like a runny nose or coughing but these will be temporary as the body re-balances itself. These symptoms will be replaced by a feeling of well being!

If you would like to have your very own Hot Stone Massage give us a call on 0161 4785412 or book online www.pamper-me.co.uk

Love Jodie Finnigan xoxo

0161 478 5412

22 Deanery Way, Stockport SK1 1NA, UK