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What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a specific type of massage therapy that concentrates on the deep layers of muscles in the body. Whilst massage itself has been around for centuries, deep tissue massage is actually less than 200 years old. The techniques used in deep tissue massage are a combination of friction and pressure, using fingers, hands, elbows and forearms. The muscle tissues are stretched, separated and worked over which helps promote blood circulation which flushes out lactic acid and toxins. These techniques help to relieve pain inside the muscle and can also be help people with whiplash, fibromyalgia, muscle strain and many more conditions.

During your deep tissue massage you can expect your therapist to work very deeply on different on your knots and areas of tension this may feel a little bit uncomfortable but please let your therapist know as they can release the pressure a little. Regular deep tissue massages are extremely beneficial to the average gym-goer, having a 30-60 minute deep tissue massage every month will keep your muscles in high working order. One amazing benefit of having a massage is that your muscle definition will be increased because all the nutrients that you get are carried in the blood stream which is stimulated by massage. Not to mention that your muscles will feel free flexible and agile.

After your deep tissue massage you may feel a little sore or stiff but this will ease off after a day or so. We recommend putting a warm compress on the areas that are sore such as a hot water bottle or heat patch. Even a warm bath can help aching muscles. The evening or morning after your massage some gentle stretching will be beneficial pay attention to the areas that received most attention during your massage. Be sure to drink lots of water afterwards this will help to flush out toxins.

Whilst having aching tender muscles is not exactly enjoyable, it’s a normal and very natural part of the health and well-being that comes with going to the gym and being active. As you get used to having a deep tissue massage your muscles will become more agile, flexible and less achy making everyday working out much more pleasurable. If you’re looking for an amazing deep tissue massage contact Pamper Me!

Love Jodie Finnigan xoxo

0161 478 5412

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